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Sample Pesticide Labels

The following links to pesticide labels are intended solely to assist students in Arboriculture 101 in learning about pesticide labels, including what information exists on these labels and how to read them.  These labels are not intended to be substitutes for the labels that belong with any specific pesticides.  Pesticide product registrations and product labels are subject to being revised under FIFRA.  As a result, the labels listed below may not be and should not be assumed to be the same as the label for any product you are likely to use.

The most important thing to remember is that the label instructions that you are following must be from the label that specifically belongs to the material you are using.  The label is the law.  Make sure you are using the right label!


Trade Name EPA Reg. No.  Active Ingredient Company
Arena 59639-157 Clothianidin Valent
Avid 0.15 EC 100-896 Abamectin Syngenta Crop Prod.
Avid 0.15 EC Material Safety Data Sheet    
Conserve SC T & O  62719-291 Spinosad Dow Agrosciences
Dipel Pro DF  73049-39 Bt, subs. Kurstaki Valent Biosciences
Floramite SC 400-508 Bifenazate Chemtura USA
Horticulture Oil  10404-66  Oils  Lesco
Merit 75 WSP 432-1318  Imidacloprid Bayer
Orthene T,T & O  59639-26 Acephate Valent USA
Safari 59639-149 Dinotefuran Valent
Sevin SL    432-1227 Carbaryl Bayer
Sevin Material Safety Data Sheet    
Tempo Ultra SC 432-1363 Cyfluthrin Bayes


Trade Name EPA Reg. No. Active Ingredient Company
Arbotect 20S 100-892 Thiabendazole Syngenta
Banner Maxx 100-741 Propiconazole Syngenta
Bayleton 50 432-1360 Triadmefon Bayer
Clearys 3336WP (RU) 1001-63 Thiophanate methyl Cleary Chem
Eagle 20 EW 62719-463  Myclobutanil Dow Agrosciences

Protect DF

1001-77 Mancozeb Cleary Chem

RU stands for Restricted Use

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Introduction to IPM                Introduction to Pesticides        Statutes and Regulations (CBerger)    Tree-Soil Relationships (Tom Rathier)

Required Study Materials From DEEP    Introduction to Tree Biology    Tree Anatomy    Non-Parasitic Conditions

Insects    ALB/EAB    Tree ID Part A    Tree ID Part B

Terms from the Tree Biology Class

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100 South Turnpike is opposite the Oakdale Theater (slightly south).  100 is the middle building.  CTPA is Suite 4

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